Burgers Made Your Way in Twin Falls, ID

Choose your favorite ingredients and sides to make a mouthwatering meal

No one wants to take their family out for frozen, processed food. Instead, stop by Shake Out for fresh burgers made with top-quality ingredients from right here in Twin Falls, ID. All of our burgers come with a quarter-pound patty topped with fresh lettuce, pickles, onions, tomatoes and fry sauce. Trust us to wash and slice everything here, cook it up and serve it directly to you..

To make it a meal, accompany your burger with a:

Small 5 oz fry and 16 oz drink
Medium 8 oz fry and 20 oz drink
Large 13 oz fry and 32 oz drink

Order good, wholesome food from our local restaurant today.

Check out our advanced burger options

Want to take your basic cheeseburger to the next level? If you want to try something new, consider leveling up to a:

Bacon Burger - add strips of crispy bacon to your burger
Cheeseburger - lay a slice of real cheese over your juicy patty
Hammaneer - incorporate slices of grilled ham on your burger
Spicy Bacon Burger - ignite your taste buds with pepper jack cheese and spicy mayo
Rodeo Burger - yell yeehaw after you add two deep-fried onion rings, cheese and BBQ sauce to your hamburger
Cowboy Burger - cowboy up and take your rodeo burger to the next level by also adding slices of bacon
Mushroom Swiss Burger - coat your burger in Swiss cheese and mushrooms that were sautéed in garlic and onion

You can make your burger a double or even add jalapeños, ranch dressing or pickle relish to any traditional or cheeseburger.